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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  December 4, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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and, of course, again, it's the workers who take the shaft. that's "the ed show." politics nation starts right now. good evening. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, a dangerous and growing inequality. today president obama spoke in one of the poorest areas in washington d.c. delivering a passionate 50-minute speech on economic fairness. a speech that was at times highly personal. the president warning that deep income inequality is threatening the company's economic foundation and its social fabric. >> a dapgs russ and growing inequality in lack of upward mobility that has jeopardized middle class america's basic bargain that if you work hard you have a chance to get ahead. i believe this is the defining
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challenge of our time. the combined trends of increased inequality and decreasing beau mobility pose a fundamental threat to the american dream, our way of life and what we stand for around the globe. the idea that a child may never be able to escape that poverty because she lacks a decent education or health care or a community that views her future as their own, that should offend all of us. and it should compel us to action. we are a better country than this. the basic bargain at the heart of our economy has frayed. >> we are a better country than this. the president knows. because he's lived the american dream himself. >> i take this personally. i'm only here because this country educated my grandfather on the g.i. bill. my father left and my mom hit hard times trying to raise my sister and me while she was going to school, this country helped make sure we didn't go
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hungry. when michelle, the daughter of a shift worker at a water plant and a secretary, wanted to go to college, just like me, this country helped us afford it. until we could pay it back. so it drives me as a grandson, a son, a father, as an american is to make sure that every striving hard-working, optimistic kid in america has the same incredible chance that this country gave me. >> the same, the same incredible chance that this country gave him. it's a vision of fairness, jeopardized by a growing gap between rich and poor. look at this chart. this blue line shows the average income of the bottom 90% since 1960. in that time, the average income has grown by 22%. now let at the red line showing
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the income of the top 1%. look at that dramatic difference. the top 1% has grown by 271% in the same period of time. 271%. this is what president obama is fighting to change. and today he laid out his vision for the future, a vision of fairness, of equality and of opportunity in education, in worker's rights and a fair shot for everyone getting this done. but it won't be easy. on the other side, it's a vision of cuts, cuts to food stamps, cuts to the unemployed, cuts to minimum wage and cuts to medicaid. and the gop plan would make incan equality even worse. the american people want fairness. we had an election about this.
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why? because we are a better country that this. joining me now is congressman, democrat from pennsylvania and the president of the center of american progress. she introduced president obama at his speech today. thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having me, reverend. >> congressman, let me go to you first. the defining challenge of our time. that's the quote from the president. isn't it something that congress has the moral duty to address? >> the congress and the country. this is the most important speech of all of the speeches in the entire career of barack obama. this is the most important speech he has given and will be recorded, i think, as so. it is also one of the most important speeches i think ever given by the american president because he really laid out that
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our country cannot stand with a circumstances of haves and have-nots, that we have to see things more not about charity, but he was really arguing about an enlightened self-interest on the country to educate our young people. we need to provide employment and entrepreneur opportunities for those in the shadows. he made this a very compelling, he wove it together by focusing on two other presidente presidents, one, the son of a very poor person and one the son of a re rich teddy roosevelt but laid it out in the common sense economics that you understand and i understand and i think all of our viewers tonight have to be able to understand that. you have to have a situation where this is not a zero sum game in which everyone can see themselves in a position through their effort and work. he says we're not trying to guarantee outcomes, but we need to provide an opportunity for
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every single american. >> you were in the room. you introduced the president. and it was not just about the two presidents, but he got very personal himself. give us a sense of how him sharing, his sharing of himself and his wife and their own story, how that kind of punctuated this speech. >> you know, i thought that was part of the, that was really the most emotional element of the speech. and i think the reason why the president's personal story is so important, and let's all just be reminded, the president has lived the american dream himself. he's not a person who's wealthy, grew up wealthy or well connected. he had some tough family circumstances. father left when he was very young. so he, as he himself admitted, he had the benefits of people expanding opportunity, giving people student loans, ensuring that college was affordable. you know, he has even mentioned how his grandfather used the
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g.i. bill to go to college himself. so he's really laying out how the decisions we've made to expand opportunities have helped millions of americans, including himself. and that's why it's so tragic that we face so many decisions by people, frankly, across the aisle who want to constrict that opportunity. >> well, let me deal with that conflict across the aisle, congressman. because one of the biggest applause is the president got today is when he addressed the question of minimum wage. >> right. >> listen to this, something that we can do something about. isn't that all just theory and history? this is about some real, right now, contemporary things that can be done. listen to this. >> there are airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off. and are still living at or barely above poverty. and that's why it's well past
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the time to raise a minimum wage that in real terms right now is below where it was when harry truman was in office. >> i want to put the minimum wage in perspective with the charts. if you take inflation into account, the real value of minimum wage is $7.25, about where it was in 1960, but if you had to grow it at the same rate of the income of the top 1%, it would be $25.18 today, congressman. we can't get your colleagues to bring it up to $10. >> look, the minimum wage, and i think the u.s. senate is going to act on a minimum wage increase, and then it will be on the house to hopefully take it up. but we have a problem. because we have a majority in the house that doesn't seem to understand that we need to have, if we want to sell cars, the car
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dealer can't benefit if people can't afford to buy the car or sell groceries or christmas toys. i mean, we, people need to be able to earn a decent living. we've seen this effort around minimum wage increases, our fast food workers across the country, but in states that are enlightened, you see action being taken. in washington state, even in new jersey in the last election, just a few weeks ago, they voted to, an increase in the minimum wage and put it into a constitutional process in that state. to try to get it out of the political process. because this really should be an economic issue. the we know by raising the minimum wage we enhance the overall economy. and we also know that if we don't do something by the end of next week, about a million and a half americans are going to lose their unemployment benefits. >> i'm going to get into that. i think that we've got to deal with the minimum wage. we've got to deal with the whole republican agenda. when you look at the fact that
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their whole economic agenda calls for blocking an extension of long term unemployment, blocking the minimum wage. opposing n opposing, in favor of the medicaid cuts. it's cut, cut, cut. a worker earning the federal minimum wage makes just $15,000 a year. on average, america's ceos made $9.7 million last year, personally. this is the gap. and in the middle of this gap, they want to cut. they want to not extend unemployment insurance. it's everything that is geared toward the bottom of the 90%. not even just the 90%. it's outrageous. >> and so i think this is really the most important point the president was making, which is that when we grow the whole country, when people have an
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opportunity to move from poverty into the middle class. we all grow and grow more strongly. we've had the highest growth rates when we've expanded the middle class, when we've given people a ladder of opportunity into the middle class. and so it was vital to make clear to people that, you know, cutting food stamps isn't just hurting some group over there. it's hurting our ability to build demand in this economy. it's going to end up cutting jobs in the long run, because people can't, you know, they can't buy things they can't feed themselves. it's going to actually constrict the economy. so all these assaults on government and what the government does are really, you know, efforts to hurt ourselves to constrain it growth. and that's what was so important about the president's speech. he's making clear how we're all better off when we ensure that everyone can reach their opportunity, that everyone can reach their full potential. and i thought that's why i agree
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with congressman fattah. >> at every level of the country. i'm going to have to leave it there. thank you both for your time. coming up. it's working! new obama care numbers show a surge. and republicans can't take it. so they're recycling their old tactics. plus, get this one. speaker boehner is blaming democrats for obstruction. sounds out of this world, right? well, today a real connection between the party and outer space. and from cutting food stamps to bill o'reilly saying jesus would not be down with welfare. and first dog sunny is making big news today.
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the arrival of a spaceship in washington. ♪ >> that's right. we're not talking about the people that republicans disparage as illegal aliens. we're talking about actual aliens. martians, little green men, e.t. phone home, those kind of aliens. forget all of the pressing issues facing this country. today they held a hearing to determine if other planets may harbor life. this is how the gop is spending one of the final seven workdays they have left.
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aliens. and despite this, speaker boehner took to the floor of the house today to blame democrats for the lack of action in washington. to quote former president clinton, this takes some brass. >> the american people work hard, and they've got a right to expect their elected representatives to do the same. house republicans are listening. the senate, the president continue to stand in the way of the people's priorities. >> the people's priorities? let's take a look at some of those priorities. 76% want an increase in the minimum wage. how about focusing on that? 77% want a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. there's a priority you should focus on. and nearly one year after the newtown tragedy, 89% support background checks. earth to speaker boehner.
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those are the people's priorities. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott, democrat from washington. thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> good to be here, al. >> they are holding hearings on aliens with just seven workdays left in this year. what do you make of that, congressman? >> well, it's amazing to watch them while away the hours doing nothing. not only did they have a hearing on that. today they had another hearing on health care, trying to destroy the affordable care act. they still want to destroy it. >> wow. >> they don't want anything for the people. they aren't doing anything about unemployment benefits. milk is going to go to $6 a gallon if they don't pass the farm bill. there's all kinds of things that need to be done. and what are they thinking about? what's out millions of miles in space. it makes no sense at all. >> but today speaker boehner
3:20 pm
went to the floor, and he called on democrats to come together and work with republicans. listen to this. >> now we're trying to come to an agreement on the budget and on the farm bill. amongstst other issues that are in conference, chairman wright and chairman lucas have made good faith efforts. when will think learn to say yes to common ground? >> common ground, say yes. now this is the same speaker boehner that didn't like the word compromise not too long ago. watch this. >> governing means compromising. >> it means working together. >> it also means compromise. >> it means finding common ground. >> so you did compromise. >> we found common ground. >> i mean, what are we talking about here? they won't move forward on things that matter, like minimum wage, like immigration, like
3:21 pm
jobs. yet, he says well, let's find common ground while they're having hearings on killing the health care bill that they tried to vote out 46 times and having hearings on aliens? i mean common ground, where, about what, congressman? >> well, you know, what's really startling is here we are at christmastime, and we're talking about all the things that a lot of people are going to have, but a lot of people are going to have nothing. 1.3 million people are going to lose their unemployment benefits. they're talking about cutting $40 billion out of the food stamp program, which means people who have no other source of money to put a turkey on the table at christmastime will have nothing. they simply will not face the problems of the ordinary, middle-class american who's struggling in this society. it is absolutely unbelievable that they can talk about finding common ground. what they mean is common ground for the 1%. they try to figure out how to
3:22 pm
give them a bigger gift at the end of the year. because they won't take any revenue and spend one nickel on the middle class of this country. it's absolutely unbelievable. >> now congressman, i should make it clear that they set the calendar since they're in the majority, and there could have been a lot more working days between now and the holiday. and they decide where the hearings are going. so that people understand that this is just imposed on speaker boehner. >> we would gladly work on the issues, if the speaker would bring them to the floor, we could pass immigration tomorrow at 10:00. the democrats would come up with 180 votes easily. and all we need is about 30 reasonable republicans. we could pass that issue out of the house. there are infinite numbers of issues, if they would simply accept a reasonable kind of a --
3:23 pm
when they want to say the things they want to do and cut $40 billion out of the food stamp program, we've never done anything that bad. we have always given unemployment benefits. last year we were here at the same time with the same issue, and this year they say well, this year we'll let it expire. so they don't care. >> congressman jim mcdermott, thanks for your time this evening. >> we'll see you. coming up. the health care law is working, and republicans aren't. some new good numbers tonight on obama care. they're spending and sending the republicans over the cliff. this is a new one. right-wingers are now declaring that it's unchristian to take care of the poor. claiming that jesus would not support programs like food stamps. you know i'll set them straight tonight with chapter and verse. stay with us. ♪ love...
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now you got good ideas? bring them to me. let's go. but we're not repealing it as long as i'm president. >> we are not repealing it. obama care is the law of the land. it's working. but that's not stopping the obama care lies from coming. you know, the ones we heard from the beginning. >> now we're seeing a loss of full-time jobs. >> of course there are death panels in there. >> the loss of jobs is going to be extraordinary. >> guess what, the death panels are back. >> ah, i have nostalgia for the days of the death panels and how it would be a job killer. but even as the law is working the right wing media is still
3:28 pm
pedestri peddling the laws. remember this one? when shawn hannity had this panel on the show complaining about how much obama care would hurt small businesses? but it turned out it just wasn't true. they hadn't even visited the website. and just their week the new york post ran a story about parents who couldn't get their toddler covered under obama care. then it went on tv. >> how is it possible that you go to look for an insurance plan and baby erin is not covered? can you walk us through that? >> it was nightmare. >> being a parent and having four children, to find out that your baby is not going to be on the plan is quite distressing. >> this story was all over the place. even john boehner got in on it tweeting quote, i couldn't believe what i was being told. a dad who learned obama care wouldn't cover his baby. but that turned out to be
3:29 pm
totally false too. why? the father's application listed only three children. turns out he has four. oops. now we come to expect these bogus stories from conservative media. but from the speaker of the house? speaker boehner, did you think we wouldn't notice you are stuck inside the right wing media bubble? nice try, but it's bursting, because we got you. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. ishares minimum volatility etfs. investments designed for a smoother ride. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose.
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3:33 pm
monday. a million people visited the site. yesterday 950,000 logged in. consumer reports says it's working. their health care expert says, quote, it's terrific. i've tried it. it's, it was working yesterday through the busiest times. terrific. so what's the republicans complaining about now? >> today when we discuss once again health rollout, which has undeniably been an inarguably a disaster. >> still, the website? it's working. you've lost that talking point. as they grasp at straws, president obama's talking about the law's benefits. highlighting one woman's story. >> she was one of the 3.1 million young people that this law helped cover because they could join their parents' plan.
3:34 pm
and that means that when she was diagnosed with a potentially deadly autoimmune disorder she got the care she needed. in the letter she wrote, i'm grateful because the affordable care act saved my life, saved my family from bankruptcy and gave me a future. >> this law is saving lives. how does the republican national committee counter that? quote, the white house is trying to woo young people, really? it's offensive that the democrats think that they can make things right with a social and some warm up talking points. i'll tell you what's offensive, when the republicans call the website president obama's katrina or that when obama care is terrorizing the country, or when a group backed by billionaires used a creepy uncle sam to try to scare young people not to get insurance.
3:35 pm
that was offensive, but helping millions of americans get insurance is working, and they can't handle it. joining me now are msnbc's karen finney and abbey huntsman. thank you both for being here. karen, calling a white house event offensive, is the gop really that easily offended? >> no, of course not, but they are that desperate of the i mean, look, we knew we would goat this point where the website would be fixed. i've always concontinueded that i don't even think the website is the right metric as to whether or not the program and the policy is effective, but fine, the rnc got everybody whipped up about that. but now it's fixed. and now it's working. they have nothing else to go on. so of course they have to throw stones at that, and yet, they still don't have an answer for what they're going to do for all those people who are now in the health care system. millions of people, from even before the whole website went
3:36 pm
online. what are they going to do for those people when they repeal and take it away. i know they're not saying repeal anymore, but when they take obama care away, what are they offering those people? >> uh oyou know, abbey, today w learned this attack line against democrats that are up for reelection. quote, by voting for obama care, democrats cut $717 billion from medicare. now that's been totally debunked and was debunked when mr. romney ran on it last year. i mean, are they that out of material it ththat they've got e debunked, recycled stuff? >> you that i is the republican plan. i think that originated at the heritage foundation. there has been this quiet nervousness around the idea of the website beginning to work a little bit better, because then what is the strategy? what do they tell voters at that
3:37 pm
point, but you look at the past two months which have been sort of like an early christmas present or hanukkah present for republicans who have been able to at least take a little bit of the political advantage there and say, okay, we're not the political punching bag for a moment. there is an opening for us to shift the narrative the way we want to. if you remember, it was a few weeks ago where you had a number of house republicans file into eric cantor's office with a brang piece of paper entitled 2014 agenda. but this is the problem that they realize they don't have an alternative. so the strategy for now is going to be what we're seeing. let's focus on the sad stories out there. let's not talk about the enrollments. >> the democrats are not sitting around not preparing their own offensive. house democrats have targeted 60 republicans for the opposition to the affordable care act, sending out i mails saying repeal would hurt preventative
3:38 pm
care and ending things like free immunization and cancer screenings. so it looks like the democrats are going on the offensive finally. >> they r and by the way, the democrats have just this nice little thing i like to call the truth on their side, because what they're talking about is factually correct. what the nrsc is doing is a bald-faced lie. i mine, that lie has been debunked over and over and over again. they've tried that strategy go the $717 million. they know it's not a cut the way they talk about it as a cut. the money goes back in to help seniors to strengthen medicare, but that is their level of desperation. and so democrats, yes, they are able to be on offense. and on offense with a plan and a strategy that actually, as i said, is based in fact. >> abbey, just between you and i. >> always, rev. >> the republicans who oppose medicaid expansion or at least were dragged into it by their feet, they're getting attacked
3:39 pm
too. is opposition to the least part of the health care law, is that beginning to turn into a political liability? >> i think it is, because you think the midterms are what, less than a year from now. so they really need to figure out what their message is going to be and right now they don't have much to run on, other than, you know, the troubled story that is they continue to talk about of people who are losing their plans, that are losing their doctors, so i think that's really going to be problematic for them, and they think what is their plan, how do we move forward, and the way we move toward in my opinion, as a more moderate republican, this is the time, this is to let it resonate, let it breath. the federal website still has issues. there are still issue with identity and enrollment data. but this is the time when democrats and republicans need to come together and figure out a way to move forward. that is the in best interest of the american people.
3:40 pm
>> but today the president made a case for young people. >> there was a time when i was a young invincible. after five years in this office, people don't call me that any more. i do remember what it's like being 27 or 28. and aside from the occasional basketball injury, you know, most of the time, i kind of felt like i had nothing to worry about. of course, that's what most people think, until they have something to worry about. but at that point, oftentimes, it's too late. >> now karen, young adults, young adults are the key to making this law work. is this battle really about them? >> well, it is. because at the end of the day, this is about their future. i mine, heal i mean health care and having access to health care is life
3:41 pm
changing. when you are sick and can't afford to go to a doctor, i don't care how old you are, young or middle aged or what have you, that inhibits your life and your prospects for your life, right? so this is life-altering and life changing. and i think the president has always known that young people are important to this, not just because of, you know, they're healthy and the sort of balance within the pool of patients, but also because we're talking about a vision for a future where people have access to health care as a basic right. i mean, that's a very different vision than what we're getting. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. karen finney and abbey huntsman. thank you very much for your time. and watch disrupt with karen finney weekends at 4:00 eastern and abbey on the cycle weekdays at 3:00 eastern. both right here on msnbc. still ahead, rush and o'reilly start talking about
3:42 pm
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with just three weeks until
3:46 pm
christmas, right-wingers are now declaring that it's unchristian to take care of the poor. claiming that jesus would not support programs like food stamps. here's bill o'reilly last night. >> the nanny state versus christianity. you're helping one group by hurting another group. and a bigger group. and so i don't know if jesus is going to be down with that. >> jesus wouldn't be down with helping the poor? there's nothing in the bible to back that up. but to make his case, o'reilly rolled some tape of jesus himself. look, there it is. well, gosh, if o'reilly is running tape of an actor playing jesus, then i guess his argument must be right, right? wrong. le here are some real quotes from the real jesus.
3:47 pm
quote, blessed be ye poor for yours is the kingdom of god, quote, sell whatever thou has and give it to the poor. quote, it is easier for the camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a river man to enter the kingdom of god. o'reilly's probably really worried about that one. folks, here's the truth. caring for the poor that people of all religions care about. it's not about christians or non-christians or democrats or republicans. it's about doing the right thing for those who need help the most. joining me now are joe madison and bill press. thank you both for being here. so joe, now instead of asking what would jesus do, they're asking what would jesus cut when it comes to the safety net.
3:48 pm
>> i don't know how to begin except to tell you it's not only in reference to christianity, but i don't think there's a religion on the planet that would do what would be considered the gospel according to what, bill o'reilly? the dwos pell means good news. good news for the rich, bad news for the poor. >> one of the things that kind of got me is he went way out there last night. he repeated another right wing smear against the poor. listen to this. >> some of the people who don't have enough to eat, it's their fault they don't have enough to eat. you're asking people who may be struggling themselves to put food on the table to give their tax money to you, and then you're not even going to buy food with it. you're going to buy booze and drugs with it. >> first of all, i know he has to know better, because he's hipped us with action network feed the poor on christmastime.
3:49 pm
and has talked about it on his tv show. so why smear and bring this up to try and act as though people really don't need help, because there may be some that abuse it. when clearly, there are some in every economic ladder that abuses wherever they are. >> this is echoes of ronald reagan talking about welfare queens driving around in cadillacs. there is zero evidence to support anything he says. but here's a guy, bill o'reilly who has invented this whole, crazy idea that we're declaring war on christmas, and he has declared war on what christmas is all about. you know, when i was growing up, our family didn't have much money, but we were always taught to give what little we could to help people who were less fortunate than we were. and we never considered that class warfare. i went to catholic school just like bill o'reilly. but joe is right.
3:50 pm
it doesn't matter what religion, that's what you do. and the idea that this is somehow wrong or that jesus would not be doing this. i think bill o'reilly should read four books over the holiday, matthew, mark, luke, and john. >> it's a lot of this kind of feeling in the name of religion, in the name of christianity and other religions, but the truth about food stamps, joe, is 87% of food stamp households have children, disabled, or elderly. are these the people that right-wingers are accusing of buying booze and drugs? >> well, absolutely not, you know, this is what's so ridiculous about it. and your statistics speak to it over and over and over again, reverend. i mean, the reality is this. no human being on the planet deliberately starves themselves to death.
3:51 pm
no one. unless they're on a fast, like those who are fighting for comprehensive immigration. that's a protest. but let me tell you what happens when you don't feed children. in any country, including the united states of america, and it was a catholic priest, father cunningham that taught me this. children get angry. hunger brings about anger. this time is about salvation. you're the minister, but i learned in sunday school, god gave his only son so that we could all be saved. >> right, well, we ought to be angry about children hungry. not only are hungry children angry, we ought to be angry about that. but bill, let me tell you this, not only have those of us who are considered progressive been under attack. they're attacking the pope, now, for speaking up on issues like this. the pope. listen to what rush limbaugh had to say about the pope.
3:52 pm
>> the pope is ripping america. the pope is ripping capitalism. the pope ripping trickle down economics. and obama's having an orgasm. i tell you the way he means that. we've got too many rich people. we need more people who are poor and lower middle class. that's the only way we can have equality and fairness. >> i mean, this ugly, vile, obscene kind of talk about the pope and the president is amazing to me. why are you so hostile when people are saying let's help poor people. >> first of all, reverend al, you know what? i love the fact that rush limbaugh is attacking the pope, he is next to bill clinton the most popular person on the planet today because -- >> and there's no doubt about it. for the head of the republican party it attack him is not good
3:53 pm
politics. >> they're going to suffer because of that. i want to see how many republicans stand up and support rush limbaugh for attacking pope francis. what pope francis has done is put the focus of faith back on helping the poor. that's what jesus was all about, and this pope is going out at night, by himself, without any fanfare and serving the poor. that's what we all ought to be doing. >> and let me tell you. we respect everybody's beliefs or non-beliefs on this show. clearly, i'm a minister, but i respect people and respect their rights to choose things i don't agree with, you about i had to, but i had to deal with this. we can debate about politics, but don't mess with my jesus. thank you for your time. coming up, the first lady revealed the white house christmas decorations today. but first dog sunny stole the show. that's coming up. my asthma's under control.
3:54 pm
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for years, bo obama has been top dog in the white house. he was the first family's first pet, the star of the show, but this summer, the obamas adopted another dog, sunny. and today, she's one making
3:56 pm
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and finally, tonight, it was a big day at the white house. first lady michelle obama welcomed military families for the unveiling of the white house holiday decorations. and for some arts and crafts. it's become an annual tradition. first dogs bo and sunny both made appearances in the state dining room to bring some holiday cheer to the children. but then it took an odd turn. two year old ashton gardner had an encounter with sunny she'll never forget. the cute 2 year old girl was knocked down by sunny.
3:59 pm
michelle obama yanked sun eye back by the leash but ashton couldn't hold her balance. she wasn't hurt. and she quickly foregave sunny by petting on her. but you know what this means, right? i can just see the right wing media headlines now. we had a little fun here. the drunk report, shock video president obama's dog even turns on him. fox nation, sunny obama forced to knock down cute toddler by executive order. world net daily, first dog spread sharia law at the white house christmas party. rush limbaugh says attack dogs at the white house. shawn hannity wonders, who's behind the dog attack? eric holder? so we made those up. but if right-wingers go after sunny, they might want to remember what happened with president bush's beloved dog barney upon leaving the white
4:00 pm
house. >> look over here, barney. >> is ms. beasley sleeping? >> yeah. nap time for her. >> how you doing. >> he totally got me. >> oh my god. >> barney bit a reporter. we had the tape. but i think this adorable little girl has herself a new christmas card this year. merry christmas to you to the first lady, and to sunny. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. president obama comes here tomorrow. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. i got the christmas eve ci


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